The Communication Guru Alicia Sedgwick speaks to us about Communicating Through Change

Alicia Sedgwick is an expert Communications Coach. She currently teaches at the International University of Monaco and International School of Monaco. She trains corporate clients, associations and individuals internationally, both online and in person.

Alicia has served as Master of Ceremonies for three TEDxMonteCarlo events. She has hosted International Press conferences at the London Olympics; has Talent managed for the BBC in London and for organisations at major events around the world. Alicia has hosted her own Internet TV and radio shows.

She is known globally as The Communications Guru and leads Team Alicia to help people to cope with and share their experiences of change, as well as learn how to express themselves with confidence and power.

Alicia has been through many unexpected and traumatic changes in her life, which she shares in her first book, “Communicating Through Change,” in intimate detail, to help people know that they are not alone and there are ways to embrace change and thrive.

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