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"Her guidance is a must for anyone or organization looking to interact effectively in this digital era. Not only does her ideas set you up for success in virtual presentations; you get to see and learn from a true master in action. She keeps it fun and interactive, and you'll be kept engaged throughout.The feedback we received was tremendous -- I keep getting emails from people who want an encore!"
Samier Mansur
“Really engaging and expert trainer..Inspirational!”
Marco Rozzi
Coordinator, RALPH LAUREN, Italy
"Following my work with Alicia, I was able to make progress that would have been unthinkable without her help, and even went onto creating my own personal YouTube channel. I have much progress to make still, but practice will now achieve that, whereas the coaching of Alicia provided me with the simple yet so powerful tools and techniques that anyone who wants to be a great communicator ought to know well. Thank you Alicia, you are indeed magic in what you do."
Bertrand Petyt
Managing Partner, Vitruvius Partners Group
“Alicia helped me open up and overcome the common fear of speaking in public. Moreover, she enabled me to become a more efficient communicator and listener, as well as a more confident person”
Andrea Adragna
Pathways Operations Manager, AMAZON
“Alicia knows how to get the best out of people and makes your talent shine.”
Julien M Zuccolin
UHNWI Business Development Expert
“Studying with Alicia has been a real pleasure and an effective learning, always with fun. Cheers to #teamAlicia ! “
Anne-Solène Gallerie
Charter Assistant, NORTHROP & JOHNSON
“From day one, Alicia was and has been, a source of inspiration, support, and mentorship. Her way of positively inspiring, teaching and acting towards students is something I’ve rarely encountered during my academic and professional career.”
Adam Bogefors
Project Leader Food Chain Europe, AAK
“Alicia is one of the best teachers that I have had. What I like most about Alicia is her enthusiasm. In everything she does, I find great creativity, passion and inspiration. I have had an enormous learning curve from the beginning of my classes with Alicia until the last day.”
Jan Petter Isaksen
Service Manager, COROMATIC AS


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