Alicia is interviewed for The Job Seekers in India who wanted to share her story as one of success.

Here’s the success story of Alicia Sedgwick

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Alicia was a lawyer in the United Kingdom, and then moved to the South of France many years ago to be with her beloved Annette. When in France, she wanted to do anything other than the law – not behave illegally or unlawfully (!) but to do different work using the skills she had from being a lawyer and mediator.

So, Alicia had her own radio show, and internet tv show, and worked in events, including being an international press conference moderator for the London Olympics, and talent management for various events all over the world. She then started teaching public speaking at the International University of Monaco, and developed training & teaching in presentation skills for the University, the International School of Monaco, associations and individuals to help people build their confidence, and their effectiveness when they speak either in person or on camera.

This training, teaching and coaching led to Alicia being hailed as The Communication Expert globally, as her methods and technique have inspired and motivated people to be the best they can be with power and belief in themselves.

Alicia decided last year that she wanted to help people in a deeper way, by sharing the vulnerability in her life and the many situations of change that she has experienced, and what she learned, to show that in doing so, there is strength, and to give people practical advice and steps for them to communicate through thesame or similar experiences of change for themselves, with hope, and power, which is why she wrote her book “Communicating Through Change,” which became an international bestseller on Amazon overnight from publication in January this year.

For Alicia, the time in lockdown was very busy! Her teaching and training went online and though it was incredibly stressful at first to use the new online platforms and to work with them, it was good to be able to be proactive.

Some of the three biggest accomplishments till now:

?Changing Countries and careers

?Helping people so positively with their communication skills, to empower and give immense confidence

?Being an international bestselling author

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