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Bestselling Author and best known as The Communications Guru, Alicia Sedgwick, specialises in helping people express themselves when they need to be heard, she helps individuals build their confidence and communicate their way through change. 

If you are lost, want to find your voice and feel empowered then you must read my conversation with Alicia below.

Tell us a Little about Yourself

I am originally from England. I began my career as a lawyer, specialising in family law, which was the first step to my helping people through very difficult changes in their life. 

When I moved to the South of France several years ago I began working on radio, as well as Events, taking care of Talent, and Celebrities. I also created my own internet TV Show, “Asking Alicia, “ to help families deal with issues that impact them and to help them through the profound changes that those problems brought to them. 

I began teaching at the International University of Monaco, Public Speaking, and Presentation skills, Leadership and Managing People, always focusing on communication, based on my belief that if you can communicate effectively, and with impact, you will be successful in your professional, and personal relationships. 

This teaching developed further for the International School of Monaco, and communications training for Businesses, Individuals, Associations, and Corporations, internationally, especially benefiting people to be brilliant online when communication is so focused in this way in the current climate.

I also act as MC for Events like TEDxMonteCarlo, and I have just led the International School of Monaco to put on the first-ever TEDx Youth Event in Monaco.

What Exactly Does Your Company do? 

I have been hailed as The Communications Guru by my global followers! I specialise in not only training and coaching all ages, and backgrounds in their communication skills, but also building their confidence, empowering, motivating, and inspiring. For me, the training and coaching is all about helping people navigate their way through all that life throws at them, with the backing and support of Team Alicia, which I create for all my students so they feel cared for, and nurtured. 

What Were the Biggest Challenges You Have Faced and How Did You Overcome Them?

In my first book, “Communicating Through Change,”  I share more of myself with my readers so that in doing so and telling my story, I  explain life, and the change challenges that I have experienced, to help the readers to share their story, and learn together how to communicate our way through change. 

The book sets out different challenges that I have faced, through change experiences, such as bereavement, changing relationships, living with a loved one who has dementia, living through a pandemic, and what I have learned, with communication techniques to help my readers cope with the same or similar experiences. 

What Inspired You to Write Your Now Bestselling book Communicating Through Change?

I help people considerably through my communications training and coaching to express themselves with confidence, and to do so effectively, and make an impact. I empower them to find their voice. However, I wanted to help even more people, in a deeper way and thought that in writing of my very personal experience of change, and giving practical techniques for people to use to navigate their way through the same or similar experiences, I could reach out and embrace on a global basis. 

How Do People Achieve Personal & Business Transformation?

Be true to yourself. Be authentic. Believe in yourself. Albert Einstein famously said; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  A leader and manager of a business needs to reflect on whether their communication style helps or hinders the push for change and… adapt.

What Advice Do You Have for People Who Want to Improve their Communication Skills?

Come and have communication skills coaching and training with me! 

What Do You See as Your Greatest Success in Life? 

Helping people so profoundly to be able to speak with confidence and find their voice. Giving people their self-esteem such a boost, and enabling and empowering them to feel fabulous about the way they communicate.

How Can People Follow Your Journey?

Through my website and LinkedIn


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